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Welcome at my website.
My name is Isis, I am 39 years old and a professional Spanker / Disciplinarian. On this page you can find more information about my spanking and discipline services.
Spanking has my interest for a very long time now. It fascinates me.
Coming to me:
You will get the spanking you deserve over my knees. I'm in total control. I will make sure that you obey me completely.
After your punishment, you will be able to see the world in a brighter perspective. Your mind will be refreshed and open.
A good punishment will get you ready to deal with the world again.
My perspective on spanking is not the classical way you will find in sado masochistic club. I am not a Mistress in leather or rubber clothing. My room is not filled with chains and leather handcuffs. I spank you in a domestic surrounding. I use household materials, as a brush, straightedge, cane, and of course, my favorite, bare hands!
I will spank you at my own strict way, but I can also comfort you. Pure, the way I like it.
My services:

Individual spanking. 
It is all about spanking now. The old fashioned way. In advance we will make an agreement about your limits during the spanking. No borders will be crossed. 
No mercy spanking. 
Individual spanking without any limits. No mercy. You are totally under my control.
Role play. 
You want to be the naughty schoolboy who is getting punished by his feared teacher? Playing characters and spanking are combined in this play. 
Spanking by two spankers. 
Do you want to be spanked by two spankers? I give spankings together with my partnr in crime, Luna.
Maximum effect with four spanking hands!
My services are only available by making an appointment.

Sexual interaction is in no way a part of the spanking sessions. If you make any advances is this direction the session stops immediately and there will be no refund.
My services are only available for people of 18 years or older.

Rates will vary depending on the session and the length.
Show respect and please do not try to negotiate my tribute.

Email: spankingisis@hotmail.com 
You are welcome nearby Arnhem, The Netherlands.
This  is a 1,5 hour drive from Amsterdam.
By car is much more easier than by train.

I hope to see you soon.





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